Recommended holdings

Welcome to my first post! I will be posting regularly about personal investing from now on.

Recommend Sectors: Technology

#Advaced Micro Devices(AMD): One of the hottest stock in the market right now. AMD was almost in bankruptcy talk a couple years ago. Ever since they hired Lisa Su as CEO in 2014, the management of the company did an excellence job in turning it around. Its Ryzen chips lineup are expected to be out during 2017. It’s going to help AMD attain market share from INTL dominance. It offers an alternative cost effective product to customers in the chips market. Stock price of AMD are up from $2/share to $14.59 as of today in a year expand. This stock is bullish for investors who are looking for long term value.

#Facebook(FB): With current active 1.86 billion users, facebook inc. is going to be a force in the market for years to come. Their ecosystem is very healthy. It has great cash flow. I’m very bullish on this stock long term. My price target is around $229/share in two years.

#APPLE Inc.(AAPL): Believe in Warren Buffet:) It is super cash rich. It has a healthy growth year over year. I’m bullish on this stock for the long term as well.

P.S. I have positions on both AMD and FB at the moment.

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