Experience in DRYS and Fed rate hike

Dryships Inc is a bulk shipping company base in Athens, Greece. This is a stock which you should definitely stay away from if you are a value investor. It has had 4 reverse splits since last year. Simply put, if you had a position at the beginning of 2016, you would had lost 98% value of your holding by today. According to its owner, they have bought 4 new ships for $121 millions at the beginning of 2017. Free cash flow is about 1.43M as of December 2016. The stock has been in $1.6 range since March 01, 2017. The company has about 140M in debit the end of 2016. Shipping stocks are very volatile in general due to its cyclicality. For day traders might be a good chance to short.

Federal Reserve are expecting to make a decision about rate hike at 2pm eastern time today. If the rate is increased as expected, banking sectors and some other financial services companies could be benefited. Manulife  Financial Corp.(MFC) is one of my picks. It has a steady growth rate from both of its businesses in Asian and North American markets. It’s bullish for long term investor.

P.S. I still hold a small position in DRYS T.T.

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