Tech has been the most money generating sector the past decade. Especially, semiconductor companies are the trend setters in this segment. Soon if not now, data will become the most valuable resource in the world. Data computing and processing power is in high demand in the business world. That is where semiconductor companies come in. Personally, I like NVDA, AMD and INTEL in the segment. NVDA and AMD have been on a tear since last year. NVDA was around $29/share in Jan.2016 and it is $152/share  as of today. It has become a dominant player in datacenter thanks for its high power GPUs in deep learning. Meanwhile, AMD is trying to catch up with NVDA and INTEL in marketshare. As one of the top gainers in S&P 500, AMD is getting some momentum with their new CPUs and GPUs line-up this year. The new Apple’s iMac Pro will be equipped with AMD’s new Radeon Pro Vega GPU and is set to be one of the fastest all-in-one machines available in the market. The tech sector has suffered a selloff during the past few days, a lot of tech stocks price dropped around 5% to 10% accordingly. However, I am still bullish and liking the potentials  of these companies mentioned above. For long term investors, there should not be any panic over the past few days. Big data is the way to go in the foreseeable future.

P.S. I have a position in AMD as of today. May look into re-entry to NVDA in potential dip.

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