CryptoCurrency is gaining popularity among traders in the past few years. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the top 2 cryptocurrencies with market capital around $40B and $26B accordingly. Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile, therefore it is only recommended to traders with higher risk tolerance. Bitcoin vs USD was around $800 in the end of 2016. As of today, it is valued at around $2500 USD . Cryptocurrency is still very new to a lot of people. Its decentralized nature worries a lot of professionals and governments. A lot of big banks, accounting firms and governments do have their research on this newly digital cash system. However, They are not mainstream as non of these digital currencies are officially recognized by any governments nor any exchanges.  They can only be traded on certain digital currency online platforms and applications.

To be honest, it is still too risky of an investment. If you really want to give it a try please invest with caution and maybe with your spare changes. Please never invest with your life savings and know your priorities.  I do not have any positions in any of the digital currencies. We will keep an eye on any future developments:)

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