Internet of Things

The term ” Internet of Things” has been a hot topic in recent years. What is IoT? Basically, it is a network of smart devices which are connected to each other and internet. For example, your cellphone, digital pads, smart lights, smart cars, fridge and other smart appliances would be connected through the network and your will be able to activate commands to whichever things your intend to and perform the task it is asked to do. It is not from a science fiction; it is the way our technology is going to advance to. Researchers believe there will be around 34B smart devices in use in the world by 2020. IoT will not only benefit our homes but also across industries. There are a few IoT related companies on our watch list such as: Microsoft, Blackrock, Amazon, Alphabet Inc., Facebook, Apple, Skyworks. If you are looking for some long term investments in IoT, these are some of the safe bets we recommend.

P.S. I have positions in Facebook and Amazon.

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