Do you believe in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence? If yes, this ETF might be a good option for you. We have recently added it to our fund portfolio. BOTZ is an ETF that is specifically targeting Robotics and AI field. As of today, It is around $20.25/share. It is still pretty new since the launch in September last year. Mitsubishi, Nvidia and Fanuc Corp. are the top 3 largest holdings in this ETF. Its performance is impressive as a newly launch fund. Its return is about 39% since inception. BOTZ enable investors access through companies involved in automation, robotics and AI industries. It has 29 companies under its portfolio currently. You would get a good international and diversified exposure in the field. Robotics and AI sounds futuristic to a lot of people. I do believe in the advancement of today’s technology. Robotics and AI is imminent in the near future. It is not a bad time to invest in the tech field;)

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