Myomo Inc.

Myomo Inc.(MYO) is a medical robotics company which develops neuro-robotic technology. It’s based on patented technology developed at MIT and Harvard Medical School. Currently it has a MyoPro product line of myoelectric limb orthosis which help restore functions in the paralyzed or weakened arms and hands of individuals. It is a relatively new IPO. It went public in June, 2017. It is not exactly a great return on investment kind of stock so far. MYO is still trading a tad below its IPO price at the moment. One of the reasons that drove the share price lower last year, MYO did a secondary offering to shore up its balance sheet. As a result it diluted the stock value of shareholders back in November. However we still see growth potentials in this company as it is in the introduction stage. Its product is the only kind in the market. It has open Canada and EU markets recently. It has performed well so far into 2018. We have seen an impressive 40% increases in price YTD. It is not a bad entry point now as it is heading into its earnings (estimated date: Feb 12). We estimate it beats earnings on Q4, 2017. Before you decide to enter please also consider the risk of volatility in the price because MYO is a low float stock( its price could drop sharply if it fail to beat the earnings). Our price target is $7 in short term (within 6 months).

For your reference,

The link is its last 10-Q filing:

P.S. We have a long position in this company. High volatility is expected in this equity, please invest with caution.

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