One Stop System Inc (OSS)

This is a new IPO. It started trading on NASDAQ Capital Market on Feb.1. OSS is a provider of high performance computer appliance to various industrial applications such as: data center, financial network and deep learning etc. Its IPO price was $5. It is trading around $4.75-$4.99 range lately. It has an outstanding shares of around 12.34M. Its public float is around 7.57M. We like its product lineup which is going to be in demand for years to come. However we won’t be able to do an in depth  fundamental analysis yet since there aren’t too many financial data we could find  as it is a still relatively new public company. Here is the S-1 SEC filing (contains 2016 and partial 2017 financial data) we could view:

We started a position recently and plan to hold through its first ER. We will likely adjust our position accordingly after they report the first earnings. We will revisit and do a more in-depth fundamental analysis after.

Happy Investing!



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